Episode 14 & 15 : DJ EFN

DJ EFN's Story: From the early Crazy Hood days to Drink Champs. From the pirate radio waves, to the Coming Home Films. Crazy Hood founder and C.E.O - DJ EFN is widely acknowledged as “Miami’s Mixtape King” - DJ EFN is also a marketing and branding consultant, film maker and co-creator and co-host of the Drink Champs podcast.

Listen close as he shares his story.



Episode 13 : N.O.R.E.

Today’s episode is about Crazy Hood member - N.O.R.E.  NORE is a multiplatinum recording artist who first rose to prominence as one half of the hip hop duo Capone-N-Noreaga (C-N-N), NORE also found success as a solo artist with hit records such as “Superthug“, “Banned from T.V.“, “Nothin’“, “Oye Mi Canto” & “UNO MAS”

He’s the CEO of Militainment Business, Host of his food show ON THE RUN EATIN’ & co-host of the Drink Champs Podcast.

Listen close as he shares his story.

Always authentic, always CRAZY.


Episode 12 : Celebrating 25 Years w/ Special Guests Part 2

In today’s episode you’ll hear from more members from our extended Crazy Hood family and friends.

You'll hear from Pitbull and stories from MURS, UB The Underboss , Gil Green and an original Crazy Hood member, Donuts. We’ll also hear stories from Kether, Bernz from MAYDAY, Fly Guy, Danay Suarez and Kardinal Offishall.

Although we didn’t get to speak to our entire extended Crazy Hood family we’re thankful for the people we did. You all mean a lot to us and we’re thankful to have you all as part of our Family Ties. ( READ FULL ARTICLE )

Episode 11 : Celebrating 25 Years w/ Special Guests

In today’s episode we talk to our extended Crazy Hood family.

You’ll hear stories from Ras Kass, Big Teach & Wrekonize. You’ll hear Monie Love speak about her first recording session with DJ EFN and stories from Capone when he came home and Crazy Hood accepted him with open arms.

We’ll spend some time reflecting on the past but showing love and admiration to the Hoods with stories from Phil The Mayor & Skam2?.

We’ll also share moments with Hazardis Soundz & Deejay KNS and stories from David Banner and a familiar name you’ve heard quite often on Family Ties… Nick Fury.

All of these stories were shared from a place of love & support of Crazy Hood Productions. Over the past 25 years our goal was to represent hip hop in it’s truest form and while doing so we’ve built friendships that will last a life time.

Our first conversation starts with an artist you might know from the group ¡MAYDAY!, he’s a close friend of ours, here’s my conversation with Wrekonize.

Always AUTHENTIC, always CRAZY!


Episode 10 : GARCIA

GARCIA'S Story: His work ethic and passion for hip hop earned him a spot on the crew as an MC. After developing his craft he eventually released 5 solo albums gaining international success.

Years later he is now one of the most sought out Directors in the entertainment business.

Listen close as he shares his story. ( READ FULL ARTICLE )

Episode 9 : Boris aka BeatsNdaHood

The Story of BeatsNdaHood: Originally from Peru, Boris moved to Kendall @ a very young age. The youngest member of the CHP.

Boris went from being an intern to a Grammy nominated Producer. From Hip Hop to Latin Music, he’s worked with some of the most respect artist in the game. As the future of Crazy Hood Productions, he continues to evolve. ( READ FULL ARTICLE )

Episode 8 : Charles aka Skinz aka 2 Gatz

The 2 Gats Story: Originally from Miami, he grew up soaking in a variety of music from all genres including the Miami Music Scene.

A Military Vet he introduced delegation to Crazy Hood and was heavily involved in the Crazy Hood Gear. ( READ FULL ARTICLE )

Episode 7 : Rich aka Dro

Dro's Story: From Boston he grew up admiring his Uncle Pete, who he looked as more of a father figure. His uncle taught him everything but when he moved to Miami Dro felt out of place.

It was the friendship with his Crazy Hood family that made him feel at home. ( READ FULL ARTICLE )

Episode 6 : Orlando aka Landi Lakes

The Landi Lakes Story: With his gift of gab, he could sell ice to an Eskimo, supporting his brother Heckler and the rest of Crazy Hood was instrumental in the success of the crew.

Listen close as he shares his story. From Chicago, IL where discovered hip-hop, to Kendall where he would team up with the Hoods and help put Miami HIP HOP on the map. ( READ FULL ARTICLE )

Episode 5 : OSO

OSO's Story: A Crazy Hood member who’s all about music. Growing up, OSO’s family listened to a wide-range of classics, this allowed him to develop a broad taste of music. But it was Hip-Hop that related to him the most.

Listen close as he shares his story. From Passaic, NJ where discovered hip-hop, to Kendall where he would meet EFN and become part of the Crazy Hood Family. ( READ FULL ARTICLE )

Episode 4 : Heckler

The Heckler Story: An ill emcee, who's passionate about hip hop, lyricism and hustle. Given the name “The Heckler” he developed his love for rhyming and helped form Da All (aka Da Alliance).

Originally from Chicago, he and his family moved to Kendall where he would meet EFN and the rest of the Crazy Hood Family. Listen close as he shares his story. ( READ FULL ARTICLE )

Episode 3 : Eddie Gigs

The Eddie Gigs Story: Eddie’s been rocking with hip-hop since he could remember. He implemented his love for the culture into Guerrilla marketing and helped spread the Crazy Hood Brand throughout the industry.

Listen close as he shares his story. From Queens NY where discovered hip-hop, t o Kendall where he would meet EFN and become part of the Crazy Hood Family. ( READ FULL ARTICLE )

Episode 2 : DRAIN

Drain's Story: A multi talented artist, producer and photographer. He’s one of the founding members of Da All, OG Crazy Hood Member and Photographer on the Drink Champs show.

Listen, as he shares his story, from living overseas where he first discovered hip-hop, to meeting a group of individuals that would form an alliance that represented Kendall and the Miami Hip Hop Culture. ( READ FULL ARTICLE )

Episode 1 : Paul aka Weird Thoughts

The Story of Weird Thoughts: One of the founding members of Da All, OG Crazy Hood Member and host of Drink Champs Sports.

Listen close as he shares his story, from the beginning where he first discovered hip-hop. To meeting a group of individuals that would form an alliance that evolved into an empire. ( READ FULL ARTICLE )


Welcome to Family Ties, this is a podcast hosted by Jae Havana. For the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to talk to the entire Crazy Hood Productionsfamily.

This is a story of a brotherhood that was birthed in Miami, 25 years ago. And through our love of Hip Hop we’ve built a legacy that goes beyond DADE County. As a collective of talented individuals with a passion for hip hop, we’ve creatively maneuvered our love of the culture into a brand that’s been a staple in Hip Hop History.

We’ve been able to reinvent ourselves successfully and genuinely throughout the years. As Hip-Hop has changed since its origin, we continued to push originality. As the days of the BOOM BAP turned into TRAP, we creatively developed a platform to tell the stories of CHAMPS.

Tune in each week as I speak to each member. Listen to their story from beginning to present. ( READ FULL ARTICLE )

"Always AUTHENTIC, always CRAZY."

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Dope Concept

Love hearing the behind the scenes, from the people behind the scenes. Learning about everyone that contributes to the scene brings a different perspective since typically interviews are with the main source. Dope concept.


The amazing friendships and how those evolve into loyal and eternal bond amongst brothers gives hope to us all in this out of wack culture and society we are experiencing.

Behind The Music

In an era where content is largely templated and recycled its refreshing to come across the "super hero origin story" of these great people. The CHP story runs parallel with the emergence of hip hop in the south.