A Crazy Hood Productions


Family Ties is hosted by @JaeHavana. The show takes an in depth look at the teams behind a MOVEMENT.

In Season 1 we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of CRAZY HOOD PRODUCTIONS. Each week we will hear from each member of Crazy Hood and their perspective of the Crazy Hood story!

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HOODtalks is a podcast is devoted to the culture of hip-hop. From spreading ideas in form of short and powerful talks we’re here to educated, inspire, inform and showcase the talented individuals who contribute to our culture.

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Hosted by ROICE FLYER and @JaeHavana.

Bars And Buckets is a weekly Podcast about Basketball, Hip Hop and everything in between. #BarsAndBuckets ??

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Father Hoods

Father Hoods Podcast where KGB, DJ EFN & Manny Digital rap about Fatherhood, from the Hip-Hop perspective. Beats, rhymes & diapers... for the culture!

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DreamBig HipHop

Hosted by Paul aka @DrinkChampSports.

DreamBig HipHop sets the stage for not only the elite Champions but for those that didn’t make it his isn’t for stats and scores this is for untold stories, community involvement, growth and self-awareness.

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