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We believe passionately in the power of hip hop and its ability to influence and change attitudes & lives. Welcoming people from every culture, who create and or seek a deeper understanding of Hip Hop. So tune in and enjoy the talks. Sh*t Worth Hearing.



Hip Hop Recording Artist Aneraé VeShaughn also known as X-RAIDED. A former 24th Street Garden Blocc Crip, X-Raided was arrested in 1992 along with four other men in connection with a home invasion that turned deadly. The arrest came on eve of the release of his first solo album Psycho Active. X-Raided was ultimately sentenced to 31 years to life, of which he served 26 years before being released on parole

Some would say this was bigger than hip-hop and you might be right. But it was hip-hop among other things that kept Aneraé sane. Although he spent over two decades in prison that did not stop him from releasing over 25 projects, 13 of which being solo records. I had the opportunity to talk with Aneraé just a couple months after his release from prison and on the eve of the release of his 14th solo album “The Execution of X-Raided”.