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It’s been more than forty years since Kool Herc starting throwing parties in the South Bronx, and so you could forgive the casual fan for thinking that nearly every permutation of hip-hop has already been explored. But KEITH, the new album from the iconic rapper Kool Keith and the master producer Psycho Les (due out July 12 on Mello Music Group) argues just the opposite: that what’s absurdly funny can also be sinister and strange, that the form can still be broken in new and radical ways.

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OG CHINO | “Growing Up In Los Angeles” | WATCH NOW

In this 2 Part Series Kev Mac Videos sits down with OG CHINO. In Part 1 OG Chino talks about his childhood, moving around, running with 18th Street sureno gang, dressing like a cholo, and growing up in Los Angeles Korea Town, an area surrounded by Latino Gangs such as Clanton 14, Harpys, Eighteen Street, Mara Salvatruchas, and West Side Playboys 13 before joining the Hip Hop movement opening B Boy Records on Slauson Ave and then moving to New York.

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ROLLING STONE Article – “JAY Z Enters The Weed Business”

Jay-Z will join the California-based cannabis company Caliva as Chief Brand Strategist as part of a new multi-year partnership. The rapper will help the company with creative decisions, outreach efforts and strategy, though a big component of his role will focus on the social justice issues surrounding legalization.

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