SCHOOL DAYZE – “EYE CAN SEE” feat. Fly Guy | Crazy Hood Video Premier

A little of a year ago, sat down wit School Dayze for the release & premier of their 1st single “After Midnight”. So it’s only natural for us to circle back and connect with the School Dayze crew as they release their new single “EYE CAN SEE” featuring Fly Guy (from their upcoming debut LP Back 2 Class). 

When COVID hit and all the schools shut down, School Dayze took the time to push their first single “After Midnight” further and beyond. Now that schools are opening back up their incredible debut LP “Back 2 Class” is back on the books and their new single “Eye Can See” is guaranteed to get the lunch room poppin’!

Eye Can See, is a certified 305 banger! The song is produced by the imitable DJ Slice and features my brother Fly Guy. So get your tardy slips ready & stay tuned cuz u don’t want to miss this class!!” Sim-E continues; ‘Do your homework by copping the single & studying the message the fellas are bringing across in this new heater.”

“Eye Can See” is a certified 305 banger! – Sim-E

“Basically we made the joint with Dj Slice and based it on how the music scene changed when it came to songs, concepts, & hooks, or lack thereof.” B-Dope continues; “Crazy thing is, here we are in 2021 and it’s as if the majority of rappers today are still doing the same thing. Like what are you talking about, where’s the growth? Are you just rhyming to rhyme over a dope beat & hoping your hook is catchy enough for people to repeat?”

In addition to the new single, the release comes with a remix titled “Eye Can See (Unknown Fleet Remix)” and an additional remix to their song “RISE” which was featured on the B-Side off their 1st single After Midnight

Special birthday blessings to Sim-E who’s celebrating this release on this special day! 

Listen to “EYE CAN SEE” available on Apple, Tidal & Spotify, Bandcamp.

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