RXTHERAPPER, 80Empire Feat Chino XL and DJ EFN – “FairyTales” | Stream Now

CrazyHood.com recently had the chance to chop it up with RXTHERAPPER and 80 Empire to talk about their recent release “FairyTales” featuring Chino XL and Crazy Hood’s General, DJ EFN.

You know what’s crazy? It’s not that RXTHERAPPER and 80 EMPIRE have been friends and long time collaborators for roughly 10 years. What’s crazy is they’ve never met in person!!! That’s wild!

While the three have collaborated on a variety of songs, and have admired each other’s work throughout the years, they finally decided to create a joint album together. The album entitled “Life after Life” is slated for release in mid July.

“The Chemistry between us is uncanny” – 80 Empire.

80 Empire continues; “we’re both from different sides of the continent yet when you hear the music, you would think the three of us were in the same room together creating an exceptional body of work filled with life’s struggles, and victories.” 

For “FairyTales” the guys call lyrical assassin Chino XL for the second verse. “RX and Chino’s verses are incredible displays of lyricism, as both flex over 80’s hypnotic production and haunting chorus.” 80 Empire continues; “the song starts with a powerful introduction from DJ EFN (Drink Champs / Crazy Hood).”

“Imagine living a whole life of lies you could never rest, being your true self is freeing. Always be you and it will leave an impact somewhere. Stop with the FAIRTYTALES.” – RX

From production, to lyricism this song is guaranteed to make people pay attention.

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