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In late June, Redman surprised fans when he released an a la carte video called “I Love Hip-Hop.” The Def Squad MC was straightforward about the culture and genre that propelled him from a hungry battle rapper running with Biz Markie to a headlining star the last 25-plus years.

That sentiment is still brewing strong for Funk Doc. He now launches the “Muddy Waters Too Movement,” and drops another single, “Ya!” that he says belongs to the campaign. Although the Newark, New Jersey artist is ambiguous as to whether this song will be included in his follow-up to the 1996 gem, it warrants the branding. Red’ has been plugging this album (his first since 2015’s Mudface project) for years. However, things appear to be ramping up.

Redman Releases A Song That Reminds Us Why We All Love Hip-Hop (Video)

Redman, Grammy-nominated / And I still feel I ain’t made it,” spits the artist known for shunning the once trademark lavish lifestyle of major label rappers. His wordplay name-checks Nas’ brother (and Bravehearts member) Jungle, Key & Peele, and Dana Dane. The song thanks the craft and the culture for allowing Reggie Noble to “feed his babies” as he often says, travel the world, and serve as an ambassador.

Red’ has previously stated that Muddy Waters Too has taken longer to complete because the Def Jam alum is now independent. In a distribution deal with InGrooves, the accomplished producer (and DJ) has licensed the samples he is using.

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