Mixtape Monday’s [Breakr Edition] | Artist Showcase & Review w/ DJ EFN (September 2021)

Crazy Hood Productions in association with Breakr are proud to announce “Mixtape Monday’s”.  This is a series dedicated to featuring independent artists. On Mixtape Monday’s we will feature music from a variety of artists, one song each. DJ EFN (co-host & co-creator of Drink Champs) plays and reviews each of these songs live on Instagram. Incase you missed todays stream, check out the talent below! 

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Buddha Tha God

Dramatic horns, sultry guitars, and a hard-hitting beat – that and more in New Jersey born Buddha Tha God’s latest
offering ‘Luxury Tax’. The Marine veteran unleashes his fiery flow as he celebrates black excellence, and preaches
striving to do your best and reach the top in life.
Oozing Hip Hop and Rap elements, The track wouldn’t feel out of place alongside artists J.Cole, Jay Z, and Rick Ross.

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A rap collective out of Houston Texas, pushing the envelope of hip hop into their own lane. Weaving storylines through melodic beats they strive to constantly create authentic art that can bless people’s lives.

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DoomzDay The Headless Horseman

Doomz Day aka Born Supreme is a lyricist/song writer/promoter that’s a very ambitious and inspired artist, CEO and founder of DDay100 ent. Grew up in the Washington DC/Maryland area, as well as up and down the East Coast from Florida to New York. Inspired to change our communities for the better Doomz Day has brought out various artist for community out reach events and continues to do so through the love of Hip Hop.

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Bull Nute

Born August 20, 1993 in Brooklyn, Nute found his start in music as a youth being raised in a West Indian home where music was a sense of escape from things going on in the world. Before being moved as a youth to Philadelphia he fell in love with music in general and was even blessed with the opportunity to take piano classes thanks to his parents, the ones he loves the most and also his uncle whose been a musician his whole life preforming in festivals in St.Vincent And The Grenadines. In 2003 Nute’s family moved to Philadelphia. Nute went through a minor culture change and throughout the years growing up in this city. Around 10th grade in Overbrook Hs music found its way back into Nute’s life physically but this time as an aspiring artist and song writer, Thanks to his friend Amir. Amir, basically taught Nute the fundamentals of rapping through freestyles and vibes . From there Nute continued to make music, not for the money but for the way the art of music and even creating music made him feel.

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A newcomer to rap. One night Chief J.A.E. wanted to try something new. So, he chose to try rap music. He really didn’t know how to rap, but he decided to do it anyway. He then realized that rap is a great way of expressing himself. Chief is now on this musical path that led him to create his first single that has now put him on track to making an album! It proves that if you really want to do it, we can do it.

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MasDiaz Originally from Bronx, NY, now lives down in South Carolina. With his fun personality and clever lines in his music it’s almost impossible not to relate and want to hear more from him. The up and coming artist already has music placed on HBO Latino, Amazon prime video, various NBC shows and all music platforms, so you may have heard his music already. He also works as a writer for various artists and labels. He has a background in Live and In studio engineering, Film and Photography which helps Excell his skill level above all competition. On Aug 18th 2021 he released a new self titled bilingual project which is currently out on all platforms and he is definitely making some noise with this new approach and style of music, if hip hop and reggaeton music had a baby that would be the description of his new music. So you know it’s ready go world wide!

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King Mizo

Sourav aka King Mizo (Formerly known as Unknown Mizery) is a songwriter, performer, song producer, beatmaker, radio show producer, public speaker, entrepreneur, NFT thought leader & filmmaker. Weaving his name in the thread of hip hop culture in Toronto, Canada since the ’90s, King Mizo is a music veteran. He has launched his career as the 2 lead singles on DJ Serious’s album Dim Sum, which was distributed by Fat Beats and Grove attack.

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Originally from Chicago now living in Los Angeles. Growing up, Tumang always moved around a lot. Music was his way of connecting with people. He did not grow up having a lot coming from the foster care system you never do. He wanted to support his kids with his music, show them no matter where you come from you can be anything.

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Clint Collins

Clint Collins is an artist from Oakland, California who makes music that reflects real life. Heavily influenced by Nas, Ice Cube and Scarface, his goal is to always paint clear pictures and tell stories with the music. His first mixtape “2 Weeks Notice” dropped in 2014 and he has been putting music out every since, his first official album “Fearless” is scheduled to drop early next year.

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Powderr is an artist from Sudbury Ontario Canada. His first introduction to music was playing guit​ar and listening to blues artists’ Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmie Hendrix. A young kid with music engraved in him, he continued to build his skills whether it was learning new chord progressions, learning how to sing, and learning how to play guitar. Eventually writing over instrumentals and stashing them in shoeboxes at the age of 16. At the beginning of his teenage years he discovered music through bmx edits and even shot his own bmx edits with friends and they would put hip hop music over it. Going on car adventures with his second oldest brother, he was introduced to the likes of golden era music from: Mos Def, Gang Starr, MF Doom, Del The Funky Homosapien and more. After friends taking a liking to his freestyles in social settings, Powderr eventually went on to record his music in studio and take his art more serious. An artist from Ontario Canada who lives for music, the people, and sharing his perspective. Powderr for the people.

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Rey Sparta

Quiet kids can be loud too. Not everyone is trying to be everyone, and that’s where Sparta fits in. The raging spirit smashes us over the head with his melodic symphony of harmonic chaos. The energy, the story, the spirit, and the rage of valor continues.
” This is dope! I know artists don’t like being compared, but this gave me like that Kanye vibe. ” -DJ EFN

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