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Lijah Rios – “Mamaroneck, NY” | Watch Now

The Weekly Rap alumni Lijah Rios releases visuals to his new song Mamaroneck, NY .

The center of his hometown, for 26 years Liljah Rios grew up in Mamaroneck, NY. “From here, I can see the first house I grew up in, the place I got my first job, where they arrested my dad when I was like 7.” Liljah continues; “Shit, where I first got arrested, first place I got robbed. I used to ride my bike to school over here, got my driving permit across the street, got in fights, sold weed, learned how to play basketball, rode the swings.”

“I’ll always feel comfortable here.” – Lijah Rios

📍: Mamaroneck, NY

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