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Just when you thought it was over, they re-emerge. The riders of doom, the four horsemen of the apocalypse have assembled. Underground Hip-Hop’s “DETOX,” the fabled album that has been 20-years in the making, has now finally seen the light of day, as HRSMN (Ras Kass, Kurupt, Killah Priest & Canibus) have released The Last Ride.

HRSMN have finally reunited to bring the world, The Last Ride, (AKA The Debut Final Album) and it displays the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in truly biblical fashion. Kurupt (Famine), Ras Kass (Pestilence), Canibus (War), and Killah Priest (Death), all coming together to bring light to the ills of the world; and reclaiming their rightful throne as one of the most dominant lyrical forces Hip-Hop, and the world has ever witnessed.

“The Last Ride is the culmination of at least two false starts since we banded together to become HRSMN around 2000. Our first records were massively bootlegged by a “friend,” and what was released were unmixed, un-mastered, and incomplete concepts. We are the first rap Super-Group! No one before us had connected various cities and international rap icons together like we did. Our brothers Slaughterhouse proved that four artists and lyricists from different crews could connect and execute, that there’s strength in numbers; and that was a big motivating factor in us wanting to complete an album. At least one album” Ras Kass lamented. “After twenty-years, we finally have an album to give to the world. It was a journey that almost never got closure, and that’s why this is our ‘DEBUT FINALE.’ HRSMN and The Last Ride fills a void, and it’s what Hip-Hop needs today! It’s a breath of fresh air in a really convoluted marketplace. Just pure BARDOM. High on concept, high in depth of intelligence. The Last Ride is high energy, hardcore Hip-Hop.”

Today, HRSMN release a new 360 visual for “One Second,” which also features Hus Kingpin; which you can view below.

Watch HRSMN Feat Hus Kingpin “One Second” 360 Video:

You can now purchase and stream HRSMN’s The Last Ride at your preferred DSP:

HRSMN’s The Last Ride is now via Fat Beats Records on all DSP’s, and in physical formats, including 2X Vinyl LP, CD, and limited-edition collectors cassette. 


  1. Sintro (Ras Kass x Kurupt x Canibus x Killah Priest)
  2. Centaurs (Ras Kass x Kurupt x Canibus x Killah Priest)
  3. This Shit Right Here (Ras Kass x Kurupt x Canibus x Killah Priest)
  4. Champion (Ras Kass x Killah Priest) Feat Planet Asia, Chino XL & Blakkamore
  5. Morticians (Ras Kass x Kurupt x Canibus x Killah Priest)
  6. One Second (Ras Kass x Kurupt) Feat Hus Kingpin
  7. Love and War (Ras Kass x Kurupt x Killah Priest) Feat Wais P & Kia Jeffries
  8. Believer (Ras Kass x Kurupt x Canibus x Killah Priest) Feat inDJnous
  9. False Profits (Killah Priest)
  10. Apocalips Now (Ras Kass x Kurupt x Canibus x Killah Priest) Feat Dina Rae
  11. Impossible (Ras Kass x Kurupt x Canibus x Killah Priest) Feat RBX
  12. Burger King (Ras Kass x Killah Priest) Feat Phil da Agony & El Gant
  13. The Last Ride (Ras Kass x Kurupt x Canibus x Killah Priest)
  14. Ride On (Ras Kass x Kurupt x Canibus x Killah Priest) Feat Tragedy Khadafi

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