HOODtalks Podcast | Episode 6 “All My Heroes Are Dead” w/ R.A. The Rugged Man | Crazy Hood Exclusive Interview

Germany – On behalf of Crazy Hood Productions “HOODtalks Podcast”. In this episode of HOODtalks Jae Havana talks with Hip Hop Recording Artist R.A. The Rugged Man.

R.A. is one of the most fascinating figures in hip-hop history. His career spans decades, and defies simple narratives. The Rugged Man has been an up-and-coming star, an industry outcast banished and forgotten, an underground cult hero, an independent success story, and an influential master of the art form. In this episode of HOODtalks we talk about his career, memorable stories from personal experiences and his album All My Heroes Are Dead, which pays homage to the fallen, while spitting bar for bar with the best of them and mental health.

Here’s my conversation with R.A. The Rugged Man | A Crazy Hood Exclusive Interview

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