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FATHER HOODS | Episode 22 “Change Diaper or Get Dirty Trying” w/ James Lopez | STREAM NOW

Crazy Hood Productions is proud to introduce FATHER HOODS! Hosted by KGB, DJ EFN & MANNY DIGITAL. The podcast focuses on the joys and pains of Fatherhood, from the Hip-Hop perspective!

On this episode the Father Hoods we get into kids dreams/nightmares and how they affect our kids. Which moves us to pondering when we’d let our kids watch violent/horror flicks.

Our guest James Lopez then stops by to tell us all about the #FatherHoodIsLit movement and how he’s helping dads live their best lives.

Beats. Rhymes & Diapers.

s/o Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs

Listen to all the episodes on The Father Hoods website here at —> FATHER HOODS

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