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FATHER HOODS | Episode 129 “What the Freak” feat. Mike Gee (Jungle Brothers) | Stream Now

The Hip Hop scene in the late 80’s – early 90’s was in a word… DIFFERENT! The creators of that era had a lot to contend with trying to make a way to further their careers and the genre as a whole. The formation of the Jungle Brothers and ultimately the Native Tongues carved a lane for a soulful and eclectic style of rap that you can still find influencing Hip Hop across the globe.

Imagine having started a family right when your Rap career was just starting to bubble? Balancing tours, studio time, being a part of a group and the responsibilities of fatherhood was no picnic. On this episode we’re honored to have Mike Gee of the infamous Jungle Brothers tell us all about that journey and how he was able to .

In our convo we talk about…

🎙Raising his kids while ascending in Hip Hop

🎙 The story of Jimbrowski, DJ EFN on DMX on a recent Drinkchamps

🎙 Mike Gee’s Side Hustle …and more!

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