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FATHER HOODS | Episode 115 “SPANKONIA” | Stream Now

Crazy Hood Productions is proud to introduce FATHER HOODS! Hosted by KGB, DJ EFN & MANNY DIGITAL. The podcast focuses on the joys and pains of Fatherhood, from the Hip-Hop perspective!

Remember before you were a Dad how much attention you paid to being fly? The Father Hoods talk about what fashion was like for them pre-fatherhood and how much care they now put into having their offspring be fly.

DJ EFN shares a tough moment he had putting his daughter in timeout. He also shares a funny thing his daughter does to exclude her baby brother from the family. We give EFN a few tips he can try to see if his daughter will come around.

P.S. We got some dope fan love from Father Hoods listener and FlyDad Daniel Guerra that we talk about on this episode.

Tune in and hear about…

🎤 The extent to which we care about our kids being FLY

🎤 The funny thing DJ EFN’s daughter does to exclude her little brother from the family

🎤 Strange disciplining tips by Manny Digital

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Treat yourself and listen to the Father Hoods podcast every Tuesday for genuine experiences through the journey of parenting… from the Hip Hop perspective!

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