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DreamBIG Podcast MIAMI | Private vs Public High School Allstars 2021 | Watch Now

SEASON4 of DreamBIG Podcast MIAMI brings you an exclusive inside look before this years 12th annual Private vs Public High School All Star game.

Coach Mario Smith from TRU Prep Academy created this event and it has grown tremedously showcasing the best of the best of the ever breeding football players South Florida has to offer!! Season4 kicks off in rare form at PACE High School to document the pregame thoughts, inside views of Coach Xavier Carter, Coach George Stubbs, Head Coach and Athletic Director for Dade Christian and Coach David Simmons from Flanagan High School respectively! However the best part of this episode is hearing from the young men that were invited and played in this All Star game, to hear they came from all the city and represented their high schools was a treat in itself! Thank you to all guests for taking the time out to sit with us and share your experience !!!

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