DreamBIG HipHop Podcast | S3: Ep. 21 w/ Allison Bustamante | Stream Now

DreamBIG Podcast season 3 has been special, I’m extremely appreciative of all guests that have sat with me or more than occassion spoken on the cellphone due to the new normal however being able to continue documenting the ever growing foundation this platform is developing is truly my own #DreamBIGMoment !

Coach Allison Bustamante is not only an athlete in her own right, this episode will explain her journey of where she started and arrived to capture true emotions and discipline in doing so but an ever growing entrepreneur in the field of sports, basketball to say the least. Youngest of three siblings add on three step-siblings playing sports is definitely a component in her competitive nature, mentors to learn the mental aspect of the game brought her insight of sharing her knowledge, experience to fill the void in South Florida girls basketball program. Applause to all the other girls program all over Florida that are instilling this same culture.

This is a special treat for listeners to witness growth from a young girl straight out the 305 to South Bend, Indiana and return with an entrepreneurial spirit and prove its worth everyday from the love of basketball. Honestly my own Favorite sport as well!!

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Episode 21 w/ Allison Bustamante is OUT NOW!!!!!


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