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DRAINFLIX x Dave Chappelle – 8:46 Mix // Footage from Miami protests 2020 | Watch Now

With the death of George Floyd and many more, our country and it’s citizens are done with systemic racism, but the fight to end it, is not over yet.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic our brave citizens put their lives on the line and protested amongst each other to stand up for what’s right! Crazy Hood’s very own DRAINFLIX attended the protests in Miami in June of 2020. Capturing footage from the protests, he created this very powerful video using the audio from Dave Chappelle’s iconic 8:46 stand up.

“I took my camera to the streets to document what we’re currently living thru. Being a part of these protests and witnessing it in person, I have to stand up and tell ya’ll… I couldn’t be more proud of my city! Especially the young people that’s heading this movement… I see the passion & determination in their eyes. Enough of systemic racism against black lives…” – DrainFlix

Music & Video Credit: DrainFlix | Audio Credit: Dave Chappelle

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