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Crazy Hood Productions Presents: The Weekly Rap (Week 6) | 5 Dope Artists Get Heard!

Here at in association with Crazy Hood Productions are proud to announce “The Weekly Rap”.  This is a series dedicated to featuring independent artists. Every Monday we’ll feature music from five different artists, one song each. This week we’d like to welcome Sub Z, Yung T, D.Alderson, Gage and Siege Spitfire to The Weekly Rap!

Sub Z – “Outside” feat. Bid Bidnez

Enter the World of SUB-Z the Santee, SC Native was once one of the most promising artists rising from South Carolina. He decided to take a hiatus to focus on his new venture of Celebrity Photography and now he’s back with a new heartfelt single Titled “Outside” which tackles the Coronavirus Pandemic that the world is struggling with. “Outside” is a mixture of a smooth beat with some gritty authentic vocals with some soul touching vocals provided by Big Bidnez another Santee, SC Native. “Outside” is produced by SUB-Z and it’s guaranteed to pave its way on playlists and mixshows across the globe at a rapid pace. Showcasing passion with a positive and strong message, Sub-Z is here to be the spokesman for the culture of hip hop.

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Instagram: @fadmediagroup

Yung T – “Trending Topic”

Rapping since 2011, Yung T is an aspiring artist and the latest “Trending Topic”. Born in Cali but raised in Memphis, Yung T says; “I feel like I bring substance to the game while being able to make hits.”

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Instagram: @MrYungT92

D.Alderson – “Are You Ready”

21 year old dream chaser, D.Alderson comes from a broken family. “The words “I Love You” wasn’t a thing for a long time.” D.Alderson continues; “My family never came together to talk about their emotions and how to cope with your emotions. They just kept everything in and dealt with it on their own time.” 

Inspired by his mother, D.Alderson seen her take care of many kids, even if they weren’t hers. “You’d have to break both of her legs to make her stop working, my Mom is the hardest working person I know.” says D.Alderson

“Are You Ready” is a song about not giving up. Going through good and bad times, but always standing ten toes down and music for greatness. Just like his Mother, D.Alderson hopes to inspire and never let a soul stop him from getting to his destination. D.Alderson says; “We deserve it all”.

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Instagram: @d._alderson

Gage – “Cash Rules”

From Washington DC/silver spring MD and now based out of Miami, Gage is one of the preeminent up and coming Indie artists. Embodying a casual grace and truth that is reflected in the music he makes. Gage grew up listening to a lot of old school music like Motown because as he puts it “My parents were heavy into music” so any day you would hear James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Diana Ross playing at his house. But as he grew older he started listening to Hip-hop acts like Snoop Dogg, Biggie, JAY Z, Nas and 2Pac and before that RUN DMC, Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick. As a kid Gage had a strong passion for art and would draw everyday as his love for hip-hop grew that passion for drawing turned into writing music in the hopes of one day being like the artist who inspired him and who he grew up listening to by telling his story that fans can relate to.

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Instagram: @KINGGAGE_ 

Twitter: @BlackSinatra23

SIEGE SPITFIRE – “Shook Ones Freestyle”

SIEGE SPITFIRE is a multi-ethnic alternative hip-hop artist from Queens, NY. Defining himself as a “rapper’s rapper”.  Siege Spitfire says “My lyrical dexterity- one that is seldom seen in today’s pop-rap driven market, drawing listeners in with sly candor, underground allure and penchant for catchy hooks.”

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Instagram: @SiegeSpitfire

Twitter: @SiegeSpitfire


If you’re an independent artist that would like to be featured in The Weekly Rap, please submit your music for consideration. Every Monday we’ll feature music from five different artists, one song each. Here’s your chance to get some exposure!


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