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Crazy Hood Productions Presents: The Weekly Rap (Week 3) | 5 Dope Artists Get Heard!

Here at in association with Crazy Hood Productions are proud to announce “The Weekly Rap”.  This is a series dedicated to featuring independent artists. Every Monday we’ll feature music from five different artists, one song each. This week we’d like to welcome Brogawd, Dyna Edyne, Xay Astro, The Chief and Brenton to The Weekly Rap!

BROGAWD – “Inner G”

Rochester, New York MC “Brogawd” is here to do the work of any hungered/success driven artist in game today! “The style I present is almost next to no one we’ve heard in quite a while.” Brogawd explains; “My influences have been from all musically sound aspects and even a comedian or two.” Brogawd looks to win over the hip-hop crowd with witty word play, cadences and lyrics to compliment heavy hitting production. “My debut EP “Tier 2” is ready at all E stores so please make the purchase, download and/or stream” – Browgawd.

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Instagram: @Brogawd 

Twitter: @RealBrogawd.

Dyna Edyne – “Mocha”

The Tree Woman of our Day, Oscillating between the realms of Hip-Hop and R&B, the humble yet charismatic Dyna Edyne has been making a name for herself as an emerging artist in the Miami scene. There’s been a gap filled between resonating new-age soul music with her accumulating fan base. She’s conquered being top 10 in the nation for AfroPunk’sBattle of The Bands in Brooklyn. Branches EP has been penetrating the ears of many as well as “by popular demand” single “F.L.Y” landing placements on UK Amazon’s“Future Jams: Cutting Edge R&B” next to prominent artists like SZA & Kehlani; to getting radio play in her hometown of Miami, Hot105.1 & 100.3FMTheGrind all the way to Nigeria Smooth 98.1FM, Her most recent accomplishment is landing a placement on Range Rover’s 50th Anniversary commercial with her single “F.L.Y”. There is a natural wittiness in her progress and in her sound a buttery, melodic, soulful, with a hip hop infused delivery that can’t be denied.

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Instagram: @DynaEdyne  

Xay Astro – “Star Baby”

Xay Astro has made a name for himself through his ambient and atmospheric tracks. The Enterprise, Alabama native encourages his listeners to get lost in a world of spectacular harmonies and hypnotizing melodies. With influences like Travis Scott and Kid Cudi along with his own twist of cloud/fantasy rap, Xay Astro’s sound is finely-calibrated and dreamy. Let your mind go on a trip like no other as Xay takes you on a journey through his music. He strives to be a young leader and pioneer of a different class in South Alabama. Artistic and creative beyond his years, Xay Astro’s sound is not from our planet, stay on the lookout for this eccentric, bright, and refreshing new talent.

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Instagram: @xayastro

Twitter: @xayastro

The Chief – “People’s Champ

The Chief is a young artist from South London, UK. He prides himself on being extra dope with lyrics, immaculate flow and impressive wordplay. His latest song out now is the music video to ‘People’s Champ’

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Instagram: @thechieflethal

Twitter: @thechieflethal

Brenton – “Heat”

“The definition of rap’s isotope”, is how the artist describes his artistic capabilities. 31-year old Brenton (formerly Brenton Brown) came from the suburbs after being born in Brooklyn and raised in Baldwin, Long Island. He moved to Miami at the age of 13 and graduated from the University of Florida. Don’t count him out and don’t box him in, because he’s been steadily spreading his music all over Florida, New York, Atlanta & California’s college campuses. With influence from artists as different as Jay-Z & Coldplay, the eclectic Brenton became seriously involved in music at the age of 17. His first performance, also his second largest to date, was during his college’s nationally famous pep rally, Gator Growl. Noted for his mixtape-turned-album, “The Brenton Brown Affair, Brenton reached an impressive 10,000 downloads in just under a week on DatPiff and Soundcloud. Both of his music videos for “Peep The Sneaks” and “Lemme Know” broke the 20k mark in just a few days, adding to his growing buzz. Since working on music with notable names such as Joe Budden, Emilio RojasJaiden “The Cure” and producer Black The Beast, Brenton said he’s ready for his next steps which have led him to begin a new journey as a producer as well. “I’m just ready to be heard, so keep your ears open.” -Brenton

Hard hitting, energetic and infectious, is how Brenton describes his new song. Brenton shows his true colors on his self-produced single “Heat.”  The song creates a vibe with an infectious hook, caption-worthy bars layered over a blend of afro melodies, carribean bass and trap drums.

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If you’re an independent artist that would like to be featured in The Weekly Rap, please submit your music for consideration. Every Monday we’ll feature music from five different artists, one song each. Here’s your chance to get some exposure!


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