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Crazy Hood Productions Presents: The Weekly Rap (Week 11) | 5 Dope Artists Get Heard!

Here at in association with Crazy Hood Productions are proud to announce “The Weekly Rap”.  This is a series dedicated to featuring independent artists. Every Monday we’ll feature music from five different artists, one song each. This week we’d like to welcome Johmpo & BeatsNdaHood, joMi, MBKSwiTCH & Mysfit, A.C. Mustafa, Phonk P & Whatamess and Joel Marshall! to The Weekly Rap!

Johmpo- “Convinado” featuring BeatsNdaHood

Johmpo & BeatsNdaHood teamed up on their new song “Convinado”. Johmpo originally from Ecuador & BeatsNdaHood originally from Peru, along with LudonBing have been making waves throughout the Miami Music Scene. 

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Instagram: @BorisCHP

joMi-  “Cold Blooded” featuring MBK SWiTCH & Mysfit

“Cold Blooded” portrays the feeling of smoothness over a grungy record, although polar opposite in definition. Lyrically; metaphors go over anyone’s head who’s solely focused on the paralleled production by Mysfit. Musically, “Cold Blooded” is a contrast all the way around when examining joMi’s approach on the record versus MBK SWiTCH. joMi offers two, fast, compacted, and purposeful verses while MBK SWiTCH delivers laxed smooth unequivocal vocals. In summary, “Cold Blooded” is a humble testament from both artists as to why they do music and where they place themselves in comparison to their current environment. 


Produced by Mysfit

Engineered by G. Cardona

Mastered by Alphonso Crawford

Recorded by Dirty Laundry Records LLC

Photos by Ozzy Torres

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Instagram: @MBKSWiTCH

Instagram: @_Mysfit_

A.C. Mustafa – “Dead Calm”

Upcoming artist from St. Louis. A.C. Mustafa has been influenced by greats like Nas, Hov, Snoop, Scarfacen OutKast to some of the newer goats like a Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole & Freddie Gibbs. “I make authentic hip hop” A.C. continues; “Releasing my first album independently so far probably my biggest goal right now, after feeding my family.”

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Instagram: @MustafaSensei7

Twitter: @ACMustafa314

Phonk P – “Fuck Niggaz” featuring Whatamess

Phonk P is the latest addition to the ranks of talented hip-hop Artist from the Compton/Los Angeles, CA area. Music became a conscious outlet for his creativity, while providing listeners with meaningful knowledge, and club bangers. Discovering music came later in life for Phonk P, as he wanted to pursue professional football. Only playing college football for the first two years, P dropped out of college to start rapping.

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Instagram: @Whata_Mess007

Joel Marshall – “YOUR LOVE.”

Joel Marshall is an upcoming artist from Los Banos, California. “I set vibes that increase levels around me. Always out to see people win🤞🏽.” Joel continues, I’ve been doing music for 3 years, a part of the group UNDERDAWGS. Joel is here to keep pushing music and energy to anyone.

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Instagram: @J.Mar.Uno

Instagram: @TheWavy.Guys


If you’re an independent artist that would like to be featured in The Weekly Rap, please submit your music for consideration. Every Monday we’ll feature music from five different artists, one song each. Here’s your chance to get some exposure!


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